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Guide, a Graphic User Interface

Is a C++ library written to develop graphic interfaces for applications that support OpenGL technology. No matter the size of the projects, the SDK provides support for embeded user controls that helps the process of creating user friendly software with less effort.

The main package contains source code and ressources that are used to create GUI based programs, released under the GNU LIBRARY GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE.





About Downloads

Demonstrations presented here are provided with the intention to show the features of the Guide library. Full source code for the applications can be found into the SDK.

MD2 Viewer Demo
Original MD2 model rendering by Mustata Bogdan (LoneRunner). lonerunner.cfxweb.net

Terrain Demo
Original terrain flyght code was created by Nicholas Anderson. You can find more about the author at www.ceenda. freeserve.co.uk

Font Tool
Code used to build the tool can be found at wiki.gamedev.net/ index.php/OpenGL: Tutorials: Font_System


Access Guide SVN repository
Daily updated.
Use SVN to get latest source code snapshot.

Guide v1.1 sdk
Release date: 16-Aug-2008
Download latest stable release from Sourceforge website.
Download source code

MD2 Viewer Demo v1.1
Release date: 16-Aug-2008
Loads MD2 Quake models and and play their animations. Released as a demonstration of creating graphic user interfaces using Guide.
Download binary

Terrain Demo v1.1
Release date: 16-Aug-2008
Fly over a random generated terrain and try the demo
graphic interface created using Guide.
Download binary

Font Tool
Release date: 16-Aug-2008
Utility to convert true type fonts to the font format used by Guide.
Download binary

  Copyright (C) 2008 Razvan Predescu. All rights reserved.