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Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
TBitBtnBase class for bitmapped buttons
TBmpClass used to load BMP images and assign them to controls
TBrushUsed to fill shapes with color, patterns or textures.
TButtonStandard button control. To create a new kind of button, use TCustomButton instead. To create buttons with bitmaps, you can use TBitBtn
TCanvasEncapsulates methods to draw basic shapes and text
TCaptionBarStandard title bar used to display its caption, move, close, minimize or restore its parent form
TCheckBtnStandard check button used to select or deselect an option
TCollectionContainer for TCollectionItem objects
TCollectionItemTCollectionItem represents an item in a collection
TComboBoxControl that combines an edit box with a drop-down list
TComponentTComponent is a base class of all components that are used by the library
TControlBase class for standard controls
TCustomButtonBase class for standard buttons
TCustomEditBase class for standard edit controls
TCustomListBoxBase class for list box controls
TDirectoryListBoxA list box that shows directory structure of the selected drive
TDllA portable dll openening/closing function for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X
TDriveComboBoxSpecial combo box that displays all the available drives
TEditStandard single-line edit control
TFileListBoxList box used to display all the files from the selected directory
TFileServerFile server provides functions for creating file and directory objects and assigns
TFilterComboBoxCombo box that let users to choose file filters
TFontSpecify font characteristics used to display text
TFormStandard control representing a window
TGfxServerAbstract graphic server
TGlServerImplementation of the base class TGfxServer that uses OpenGL API to render visual aspects of the Gui
TGridThis class is used to create backgrounds for graphic controls
TGridCellA cell inside a grid row
TGridRowRows are cell containers that can be aligned within grids
TGroupTGroup is a collection of components
TGroupBoxStandard group box used to group related controls
TImageStandard control used to display images
TLabelControl that displays non editable text
TListBoxDisplay a list of scrollable controls
TMainMenuA menu bar used to display sub menus
TMainMenuItemAn item inside a main menu
TMenuBase class for menu controls like TMainMenu and TPopupMenu
TMenuItemAn item inside a menu
TMenuItemsCollection of menu items inside a menu
TMouseCursorDescribes a mouse cursor specifying its hotspot and image
TObjectFirst class from which of all the common controls are derived
TOpenDialogDialog used to select a file or folder from the hard disk
TPanelStandard panel used as a parent for child controls
TPenClass used to specify how lines or outline shapes will be rendered
TPictureBase class for all the image manipulation classes
TPointSimple point class used to store a 2D coordinate
TPopupMenuStandard control used to display context and popup menus
TPopupMenuItemAn item inside a popup menu
TRadioBtnStandard radio buttons used to select one option from multiple choices
TRectSimple class used to store coordinates of a rectangle
TScreenApplication's main class used to initialize important sections of the library
TScreenEmbededBased on TScreen, this class is the common way to run the Gui into an already existing 2D or 3D application
TScreenIndependentDerived from TScreen, this class implements an independent way to run the Gui
TScrollBarStandard scroll bar used to scroll the contents of a control
TScrollingWinControlStandard control that contain horizontal and vertical scroll bars
TSkinClass that manages skins for the application
TStringWrapper for the standard template library string
TStringItemItem inside a TStrings collection
TStringsA collection of TStringItem items
TTextureTTexture class is used to load and store images in system memory
TTgaClass used to load TGA images
TWinControlBase class for all the standard windowed controls


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